Our Mission & Vision

We are one big family of Maharashtrians living in Atlanta area. We are proud to inherit and preserve Maharashtrian culture through various activities throughout the year. Our mission is to promote cultural ties between people of Atlanta (USA) and Maharashtra (India), promote events and activities that help maintain the cultural heritage of Maharashtra. Our activities include:

​CULTURAL EVENTS -- We organize Maharashtrian festivals like Makar Sankrant, Gudhi Padwa, Ganeshotsav, and Diwali every year. These festivals give the community a chance to renew their cultural ties and encourage children to learn the culture.

​SOCIAL EVENTS -- We organize social events like picnic and fun-fairs to encourage people getting together as a community.

​ART EVENTS & COMPETITONS --We provide platform to the local talents in music, dance by organizing presentations in performing arts. We also arrange programs by visiting artists from India.

​THEATER EVENTS -- We arrange theater production show featuring the best of Marathi theater. Keeping the theatrical tradition alive, we present an annual play in Marathi performed by talented local artists.

2021 MMA Team

Meet Our Amazing Team!

Current 2021 MMA Team


Mandar Vengurlekar

2021 Trustee

Rachana Kanvinde

2021 Trustee

Rajiv & Tanvi Ghangrekar

2021 Trustees


Nitin & Manisha Khadse

2021 Treasurers

Sangeeta Mayur 


Kshitij Badve

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